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The Sun Tower

Photo Credit: Marty Boechler


128 W Pender St, Vancouver BC

Alternate Address

100 W Pender St, Vancouver BC










This Beaux Arts structure was designed by W.T. Whiteway and built in 1911-1912. This structure succeeded the Dominion Building as the highest in the British Empire, a distinction held only for two years.

It was originally the home of the Vancouver World Newspaper, and known as The World Building. Its publisher, Louis D Taylor, was a prominent figure who was elected as mayor eight times. The Vancouver World promoted the war effort during the First World War, while also directly participating in fundraising efforts. In 1915 Taylor lost control of the newspaper and the building due to the recession. In 1924 the tower was sold to Bekins, a Seattle moving company.

In 1937, the Vancouver Sun newspaper moved into the building after its offices across Pender were destroyed by fire. Its been known as the Sun Tower ever since, even after the Sun moved out of the tower in 1965.

In 2011 the Tower was sold to current owners Allied Properties REIT.


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