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2538 Balaclava St

Photo Credit: Ed Biggs


2538 Balaclava St, Vancouver BC






VHF True Colours 2006, VHF Restore It 2014




This Craftsman home stands on a block featuring eight homes built in 1912 by the Vernon Brothers developers. All the homes survive today, some more intact than others. Although the homes are the same basic design, they have certain details, such as unique window transom styles, that were possibly customized for each buyer.

The first resident of 2538 Balaclava was Ernest Ball, an assistant buyer for McLennan, McGeely and Co. Ltd. Ernest lived at the house from 1914 until 1916. In 1917, Edmund de G Power, a civil engineer began living in the house. Edmund remained in the house only until 1918. The house saw several residents in its early days, including a stenographer, a foreman, a labourer, and a salesman. The longest residence prior to the 1950s was by Ernest Bishop, who worked for Dairyland. Bishop lived in the house from 1939 until 1948.

In the 1970s, the house was dissected into two suites. When the house was sold in 2002, it was badly neglected. However, the new owners restored the house back to its original layout. In doing so, they discovered the original trim, moulding, wainscoting and built-in china cabinets.

In 2006, the house was repainted in historic colours with the assistance of a VHF True Colours grant.
The roof was replaced in 2014 with the assistance of a VHF Restore It grant.


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