The Vancouver Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map is a project that was initiated by Vancouver Heritage Foundation in the fall of 2013 and updated to a new platform in 2022. It is an interactive map of buildings (residential, commercial, mixed use, and institutional) and sites (landscapes, parks, and monuments) found on the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register. The map can be used to explore and learn about heritage within the City of Vancouver.

The site can be used on a desktop computer or on a mobile device while exploring the city. Many sites have current and archival images, descriptions, and helpful links. Work is ongoing to add supporting details to all sites. A “Contact Us” form is available for each site and allows users to connect with VHF to share stories, comments, corrections, and images.

If you would like to share the information or photographs found on the Heritage Site Finder, please credit Vancouver Heritage Foundation and include the site finder link: www.heritagesitefinder.ca 

Please note that none of the buildings, sites, or monuments shown on the Vancouver Heritage Site Finder are owned, managed, or operated by Vancouver Heritage Foundation. 

Learn more

For information on the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register, including how properties are added to the Heritage Register, please visit: https://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/find-a-registered-heritage-building-site-or-tree.aspx 

To learn more about the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Program, please visit: https://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/how-we-protect-heritage-properties.aspx 

To learn more about Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s financial support for heritage property homeowners and stewards, please visit: https://www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org/grants/ 

To learn more about Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s many events, programs, and workshops, please visit: www.vancouverheritagefoundation.org 


If you found this website useful, please consider donating to Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Your support will help us maintain this valuable resource and raise awareness of Vancouver’s heritage places. 


VHF has tried wherever possible to verify sources and provide accurate information. However, despite our efforts, errors may exist on the website. Please let us know if you discover an error. VHF is not responsible for misuse of information on this site by others.


VHF would like to thank our project partners and volunteers who have helped to make this project possible:

  • SplitMango Media Inc. (David Miller): web design and technical services

  • Annie Liang and Alan Tang: Interactive map design and set-up (2013)

  • City of Vancouver: Heritage Register open data 

  • Heritage BC: This project was funded in part by Heritage BC through the Heritage Legacy Fund

  • Thanks Vegan Fund: The re-design of the site finder was funded by generous contributions from the Thanks Vegan Fund

  • Various information sources are acknowledged in the text. The following sources have been particularly helpful: Canada’s Historic Sites; Changing Vancouver Then and Now images; City of Vancouver Heritage Department with the assistance of Hugh McLean; Bob Hare; James Johnstone; Harold Kalman; Robin Ward’s “Exploring Vancouver: The Essential Architectural Guide;” and the City of Vancouver Archives.

  • Volunteer contributors of images, research, and input: Christine Allen, Neil Armitage, John Atkin, Rob Atkins, Martin Bennett-Retei, Ed Biggs, Tammy Blair, Jessica Blesch, Marty Boechler, Barry Bogart, Kelly Borget, Carrie Chan, Jayce Chen, Jo-Ann Chiu, Jennifer Chow, Ada Con, Alison Cowling, Olivia D’Agostini, Sara dos Santos, Jonathan Eaton, Marayam El Moumni, Leanna Favaro, Wendy Feng, Janine Foan, Anjela Godber, Yvonne Godeseth, Olivia Golden, Haiana Gomes Souza, Dave Goyne, Charles-Antoine Gravel, Alice Guo, Bob Hare, Anke Hurt, Robert Henrickson, Alistair Henning, Steve Hodder, Rick Horne, Rob Howatson, Jessie Huang, Livia Huang, Grant Hutchinson, Nurlaila Jamil, Christian Jarlos, Garry Johns, Ryan Jones, Brian Kipp, Michael Kluckner, Anne Lam, Ric Lam (roaming-the-planet), Shona Lam, Ji-Woo Lee, Joanna Lee, Andrea Lenke, Jean Lum, Emily Margitan, Simon Martin, Missy Martin, Priyanka Mehta, Samuel Mickelson, Karly Morgan, Kathryn Morrow, Brigitte Mueller, , Christine Novosel, Mitchell Patterson, Alex Ramon, Erin Renwick Newman, Christine Leviczky Riek, Jessica Sanchez, Karen Seaboyer, Sara dos Santos, Cassandra Sclauzero, Kevin Shackles, Samantha Simon, Ann-Marie Spicer, Charlotte Steele, Jarmila Storkova, Geoff Thiele, Barbara Tili, Madeleine de Trenqualye, Jurian van der Horst, Gina Verster, Claudia von der Heyde, Stephanie Warner, Lisa Wilson, Andy Young, Jeff Yu.


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