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Leslie Lane House

Photo Credit: VHF


1117 Pendrell St, Vancouver BC


West End








The Lane House was built at 1380 Hornby Street, in 1903 by Mr. George Washington Leslie behind the main Victorian house already on site. In 1947, an addition to one side enlarged the building to approximately 1,978 square feet on three floors. The basement was first a stable, then a cellar and a workshop for Mr. Leslie’s plaster work. By the early 2000s Umberto Menghi began to look at the lane house site as a potential redevelopment site for a boutique hotel behind his restaurant. Instead of demolishing the historic old lane house Mr. Menghi donated the lane house to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation which arranged for the house to be moved to its present site on Mole Hill in July 2002.

The Leslie Lane House was raised from its foundations and moved down Pacific Street and up Burrard to its new site where the house was beautifully restored and subsequently sold. Today, the Leslie Lane House sits at the back of a beautifully landscaped quiet lot nestled among the lovingly restored Victorian houses of Mole Hill.

The Leslie Lane House was a stop on Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s 2018 West End Heritage Tour.

This house is painted in VHF True Colours: Body – Bute Taupe, Trim and Watertable – Edwardian Buff, Sash – Gloss Black, Deck and Stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey.


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