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1137 Pendrell St

Photo Credit: Bob Hare


1137 Pendrell St, Vancouver BC

Alternate Address

1129 Pendrell St, Vancouver BC


West End






his is one of the oldest houses on the block and therefore in the city. Built in 1889 on the same full city lot as 1139 Pendrell, it seems likely that the lot’s first owners, Robert Cosgrove and Nelson Martin, who knew each other, purchased the property together. Cosgrove lived at 1137 Pendrell and Martin lived at 1139 Pendrell. Cosgrove’s sister was married to Martin.

This house was “modernized” in 1909 with new concrete foundation, Edwardian style front porch and second front entrance. The then owners spent $1900 on alterations, quite a sum in those days. It may have been moved back on the property, as originally it would have likely had a “setback” similar to 1139 Pendrell.

The house is painted in VHF True Colours: Body – Pendrell Verdigris, Trim and Watertable – Pendrell Green, Sash – Gloss Black, Deck and stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey


Blair Petrie, Mole Hill Living Heritage