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Rummell House/ Braemar

Photo Credit: Bob Hare


1154 Comox St, Vancouver BC


West End






Built around 1906, this house boats a beautiful and intact interior. The builder is unknown. The first resident was Charles Rummel, who worked for the BC Electric Railway. Between 1924-1928 the house was converted to an apartment style building, Braemar Lodge. A rear addition was added and the front porch was literally sawed off.

The main floor interior is probably the most intact in Mole Hill. Featuring excellent woodwork and fine french doors, the hallway, dining area and main room are virtually as they were. Set on either side of the french doors, there are leaded glass windows.

The main room features a beautiful wood fireplace mantel with its original mirror and tiling intact. In the front hall is a rare example of chest-high, carved wainscoting and many original fixtures throughout the house.

This house is painted in VHF True Colours:
Body – Vancouver Green, Trim and Watertable – Oxford Ivory, Sash – Gloss Black, Gables – Craftsman Brown, Deck and Stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey


Blair Petrie, Mole Hill Living Heritage