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1163 Pendrell St

Photo Credit: David Goyne


1163 Pendrell St, Vancouver BC


West End






The houses of Mole Hill were constructed between 1888 and 1908, dating to the first two decades of the growth of the City of Vancouver. The four houses at 1157-1169 Pendrell were built in pairs by the builder Alex Bethune between 1898 and 1899. The houses at 1163 and 1169 Pendrell were built at the same time in 1898 and, while 1163 Pendrell is slightly larger, they share an overall likeness. The wrap-around porch on this house was likely added by Heinrick Hill, who owned the house from 1910-1913.

The house at 1163 Pendrell features much of the same decorative trim as the others in this grouping, all having been based on a similar design. Each house has minor variations, especially at the rear where items have been added or modified over the years. 1157 and 1159 Pendrell both feature an original dormer on the west side. 1157 and 1159 both have smaller gables set into the roof at the same location.

This house is painted in VHF True Colours: Body – Pendrell Verdigris, Trim – Pendrell Green, Sash – Hastings Red, Gable – Pendrell Red, Deck and stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey.


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