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1169 Pendrell St

Photo Credit: Madeleine de Trenqualye
Photo Source: http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/1169-pendrell-street


1169 Pendrell St


Mole Hill




VHF's True Colours and Restore It




There is some debate concerning the exact year in which this house was built. Most of the documents available point to 1898, however it may have been built earlier, in either 1891 or 1892. The confusion around the date of construction is primarily due to missing building permits. Another house may have stood on the property (was razed for the current building) or the original house was not destroyed, rather the builders decided to refurbish the original house in the style of the adjacent houses and may explain why this house has a larger footprint than the others.

The house was likely the product of the partnership between Alex Bethune and John S. Gordon, who are also credited with the other three houses in this distinct row (1159, 1163, and 1157 Pendrell St.). It is presumed that Bethune was the builder and Gordon the financier. This is generally supported by stylistic similarities and the fact the 1169 Pendrell St. was completed within the two-year timeframe that the other houses were built, stipulating that this house was indeed built in 1989. Furthermore, Bethune and Gordon were living together at 1173 Pendrell St. during this period.

The first owner was Harvey Harry. Harry, who was around 28 or 29 years of age at the time, was a shipping clerk and bought the house with his wife Martha, 24-25 years of age. Originally from New Brunswick, Harry made his way to Vancouver by way of the United states, where his wife was born. He seems to have changed his profession as he is listed as a wholesale grocer in the directories, working for Willian Braid and Co. at 20 West Hastings. The Harry family stayed at this house until 1911 when a William H. Rogers moved in and stayed until 1914.

So far, little is known about the structural and architectural changes to the house. 1169 Pendrell is in Queen Anne style, with double storey bay windows which are set off-centre, a front stoop and elaborate fretwork, detailing, and shingling. Of note is the front garden, a key part of the heritage streetscape. The fence and shrubs are reminiscent of the period in which it was built and offers a glimpse into the area’s past streetscape.

The house is painted in VHF True Colours: Body – Pendrell Verdigris, Trim – Pendrell Green, Sash – Hastings Red, Gable – Pendrell Red, Deck and Stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey.


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