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Bethune House

Photo Credit: Madeleine de Trenqualye


1173 Pendrell St, Vancouver BC


West End






This is one of the few houses originally built on a full city lot in this block. The house was possibly built in 1898 by builder and first owner Alex Bethune, but it could have been built earlier. Alex Bethune was a City of Vancouver Alderman several times. He became Mayor of Vancouver in 1907.

Architectural details: The house is large and rather rambling in its structure, partly due to a few minor additions over the years. Most notably the rear, a cottage-like wing which appeared sometime after 1913. There is also a box-like enclosure over the pediment which forms the western part of the front porch. The porch has groupings of slender detailed square columns, while the gables and pediment all have carved sunbursts in the upper portion. There is a magnificent two-storey gabled side bay on the west side.

The house is painted in VHF True Colours: Body – Pendrell Red, Trim – Pendrell Green, Sash – Hastings Red, Deck and stairs – Edwardian Porch Grey


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