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1284-1290 E 12th Ave

Photo Credit: Rob Atkins


1284-1290 E 12TH Ave, Vancouver BC




Mixed Use




Historical records indicate that permits for two houses at 1284 and 1294 E 12th Avenue were issued in 1909 to W. J. Harrington. However, these houses were either never built or they were demolished within 15 years. The present two-storey commercial building has occupied this lot since 1925, one of a series of buildings owned by William T. Wenborn and built by Pike and Mason across the 1270-1290 lots of E 12th Avenue. Wenborn himself both lived in and ran the Central Meat Market out of the former building at 1278 E 12th for a number of years. The building that sat between the buildings at 1280 and 1260 E 12th Ave., appears to be fire-damaged in a 1985 archive photo and no longer exists today.

The bakery of William H. Stuckey operated out of the storefrontat 1284 E 12th Ave for at least three decades. The corner storefront at 1290 E 12th Ave was Simpson’s Grocery during the 1920s, becoming a pharmacy in the 1930s.This was first Lloyd’s Pharmacy from 1931 to 1933, then the long-lasting Galt Pharmacy  from 1934 to at least the mid-1950s, which also contained a post office. As was common throughout the city, the two upstairs apartments at 1286 E. 12th Ave. were sometimes occupied by the proprietors of the businesses downstairs, though they saw frequent turnover in residents during the early 20th century. A photograph of the corner of Clark and 12th Avenue from the 1980s shows National Upholstery as the business in the 1290 E 12th Ave. storefront. As of 2020, the two commercial spaces in the building were occupied by AR Cannabis Store (1290 E 12th Ave) and A-Z Banners (1284 E 12th Ave).

According to archival photographs, the exterior of both this building and the one next door at 1284-1290 E 12th Ave. were altered sometime after 1985 by the application of stucco that either covered or replaced the wooden clapboard siding. The building’s arched entranceway, decorative wooden window frames and cornice were removed as well. Similar features to those that once existed on this building can still be seen on the neighbouring building at 1260 12th Ave.


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