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McGregor Cottage

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1610 Stephens St, Vancouver BC










The two-storey house at 1610 Stephens Street is one of three houses built by the McGregor family in the early twentieth century. The two small cottages at 1610 and 1618 Stephens Street have survived; the larger house at 1628 Stephens Street did not.
The Mary McGregor Cottage at 1610 Stephens Street was designed by J.H. Hinkman, and is a representation of early cottages built on open lots in the Kitsilano area.

Duncan McGregor, his wife Mary Ann, and their children moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver in the early 1890s. Sometime before 1898, Mary Ann and Duncan divorced. After living in the West End for more than ten years, Mary Ann purchased a lot at the corner of Stephens Street and York Avenue. She and her children likely lived in the smaller cottages at 1610 and 1618 Stephens Street, until the larger house at 1628 was completed. The two cottages were then rented out to various local workers over the years, and eventually sold in 1925.

Many Craftsman Style houses were built in Kitsilano in the flourishing years between 1910 and 1912. The Mary McGregor Cottage has retained the essential features of a Craftsman cottage, like its small form and gable roofs. To restore it to its original character, some windows are to be replaced, and a shed-like construction (a later addition) will be removed.


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