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1631 Collingwood St, Vancouver BC






A: Primary Significance


The permit for 1631 Collingwood St was issued in 1912, and the house was built by George Ellis, who is also listed as owner and architect. Ellis was responsible for building at least a dozen other houses in the area in the early 1910s in a similar style, often alongside architect J. G. Scott, including registered heritage houses 3642 Point Grey Road, 3263 W 2nd Ave, 3450 W 3rd Ave and 1955 W 16th Ave (to which it bears a striking resemblance). The first resident of 1631 Collingwood was James Gibbon, a land surveyor, in 1914, and over the years it was also home to Marion Gibbon, a teacher, and Jessie Gibbon.

The significant features of this craftsman style home include the dominant covered entry porch with square stone piers and capital topped columns. The large size of the piers and multiple columns supporting the roof of the porch convey a sense of strength and permanency. The dominant front gabled roof with its half timbering, stucco and substantial overhang is also typical of craftsman style homes, as is the cedar shingle siding. More unusual is the front facade’s distinctly asymmetrical massing, the side facing stairs, and the curved half timbering (used more often in Tudor Revival homes).


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1631 Collingwood St, Vancouver BC


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