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1734 Dunbar St

Photo Credit: Steve Hodder


1734 DUNBAR St, Vancouver BC








The original occupant of the house at 1734 Dunbar St was William Rattray of Prudential Insurance Cmpany, but the house is commonly known as MacDonald House after its second owners, Fergus and Elizabeth MacDonald who lived here for many years until 1957. At the time of its construction around 1912, it was on the outskirts of Vancouver, the city limit (to Point Grey) being at Alma Street, one street west.

Part of a cluster of 5 (1710, 1724, 1734, 1742, 1748 Dunbar) bungalows by SW Hopper in 1911-1912, 1734 Dunbar has the same wood structure and stone trim with large brackets. The continuous streetscape of 5 large bungalows is a good example of the type of houses in neighbourhood at the time. Architectural features include, porch between gables, 2nd floor eyebrow arch, bay windows, elaborate diamond point brackets, stone column bases and unusual stone balustrade and mostly original windows. It is one of 10 lots developed by Hooper in the area.


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