1923 Waterloo St, Vancouver BC


Photo Credit: Steve Hodder
Photo Credit: Steve Hodder


1923 Waterloo St, Vancouver BC






C: Contextual or Character


This Craftsman style home was built in 1911, along with its neighbour 1911 Waterloo Street. Both were built by the contracting firm S. W. Hopper Ltd., run by Ontario born Samuel Wellington Hopper, who built close to twenty other homes in the area, fifteen of which are on the heritage register. 1923 Waterloo St is an excellent example of a Side-gabled Craftsman house, with its symmetrical massing, front-gabled dormer with sleeping porch, and roof overhanging a full length integral porch with prominent square piers. The roof’s knee brackets, and the narrow lap siding used up to the water table, with cedar shingle siding above, is also typical of Craftsman houses. 1923 Waterloo was first owned by Thomas A. Switzer, the manager of Fletcher Bros Ltd., a musical instrument store chain that first opened in Victoria in 1872.


Historical Vancouver Building Permit, British Columbia City Directories


1923 Waterloo St, Vancouver BC


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