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1925 Whyte Ave

Photo Credit: Olivia Golden
Photo Source: Olivia Golden


1925 Whyte Ave, Vancouver BC








1921 Whyte Ave. was built along with 1925 Whyte Ave. by Walter Harrington Jr. according to permits issued in 1912. Harrington listed this property as his address on the permit. The total value of both properties’ construction was $6,000.

The style of this house differs slightly from its neighbours to its east and west: although it is also a two-storey front-gabled Craftsman, the extension is centred on the main roofline and the veranda is curved.

According to city directories from 1913, Harrington was a contractor who was most active in the years prior to World War I. He constructed the heritage-listed “Harrington House” at 2546 W 3rd Ave. and a number of other houses in Kitsilano, Point Grey and Fairview.

The first resident of the house at 1925 Whyte Ave., according to Vancouver city directories from 1913, was John Thorn, President of JC Thorn & Co, Real Estate, Shipping and Financial Agents. Thorn lived in the house in the years before and after World War I, after which it was occupied by a number of different people. In 2018, the house was listed and sold as containing five separate dwelling units.

It is unknown when the house was converted. VanMap indicates a “major improvement” in 1965 but provides no details. In June 2019 a development proposal was submitted to the City of Vancouver to renovate the property, stratify the title and reduce the number of units to three.


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