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2134 MacDonald St

Photo Credit: Olivia Golden


2134 MACDONALD St, Vancouver BC








This 1912 Vancouver Craftsman style home was constructed along with its neighbour art 2128 MacDonald St by buiders Lockie & Miller. In 1912 William F. Turner, stevefore CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) wharf is listed as occupant; in 1915 Herbert A. Plow. Builder William Lockie constructed over 10 houses in the 2000-2200 blocks of MacDonald Street in 1911, in a Vancouver Craftsman style, similar to each other.

The Craftsman style of house was a popular choice for builders in Kitsilano, including Lockie & Miller, Bentley & Wear and the Vernon Brothers. The Craftsman style emerged from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th Century. It was a style builders could take on without the services of an architect, and generally used locally sourced materials. \ With its popularity spanning a 20-year period, several variations of Craftsman houses developed, three of which are particular to Vancouver: traditional Craftsman, Vancouver Craftsman and Craftsman Bungalow. Each was influenced by builders’ budgets and changes in taste over time and the adaptations in design to suit both large and small lots in neighbourhoods across the city. MacDonald Streets gets its name from Sir John Alexander Macdonald (1815-91), first prime minister of Canada.


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