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2403 W 37th Ave, Vancouver BC

Photo Credit: Anjela Godber


2403 W 37th Ave, Vancouver BC








Frank Ebenezer Buck was a longtime resident of 2403 W 37th. Buck was a horticulture professor at UBC, and Campus Landscape Architect. Buck oversaw the landscape design of the UBC Point Grey campus, in accordance with Sharp and Thompson’s overall design for the campus. Buck’s home was built next door to George Sharp’s (2427 W 37th) two years later, and by the same builder, C. A. Hilchey. It was likely designed by Sharp himself. Buck and Sharp both served on the Point Grey Advisory Town Planning Commission from 1923-1929 and Buck is responsible for street tree planting initiatives that took place in the 1920s in Point Grey. His legacy lives on in the many beautiful tree lined streets in the area, and a sports field and memorial garden at UBC named for him.

2403 W 37th is sheltered by mature trees and hedges, cementing the house’s close relationship with the environment, a key aspect of Arts and Crafts buildings. The steeply pitched roof, cedar shingle siding, discreet entry with covered porch and leaded glass windows made up of small panes are also Arts and Crafts features. The side-gabled roof with shed roof dormer, is more typical seen in Craftsmen houses, however.


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