2427 W 37th Ave


Photo Credit: Anjela Godber
Photo Credit: Anjela Godber


2427 W 37th Ave, Vancouver BC






A: Primary Significance


2427 W 37th Avenue was built in 1911 and designed by George T. Sharp, partner of the renowned architecture firm Sharp and Thompson, as his family home. The builder, C. A. Hilchey built several dwellings in the area within a few years, often alongside Sharp and Thompson. Sharp was active in his community, and a member of the St. Mary’s Anglican congregation, a church that he designed in 1913, right across the street from his house, which is also on the heritage register.

There are many aspects of Sharp’s house that coincide with the Arts and Crafts style, such as the use of simple forms, natural and local materials (cedar shingles), half timbering on upper floors, and leaded glass windows in small panes. The hipped roof and discreet covered entry porch are also typical of Arts and Crafts.


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2427 W 37th Ave


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