2916 Manitoba St


Photo Credit: Gina Gverster
Photo Credit: Gina Gverster


2916 Manitoba St, Vancouver BC


Mount Pleasant




C: Contextual or Character


2916 Manitoba is first listed under owner Alfred D’oyley Sykes in 1909. Sykes was born in 1872 in Haselor, England and came to Canada in the 1890s, where he began working in the lumber industry from 1899 onward. He first appears in records in Vancouver as a cashier for the Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Company. In the years that he lived at this address, he was working as an accountant.

During World War I Sykes enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Sykes was married to Scenie (Lucy) Genelle while he was still living in Rossland, BC in 1903. They had two daughters but divorced in the 1920s and Sykes never remarried. In later years, he continued to work as an accountant in Vancouver and eventually passed away in 1954.

The one-storey house at 2916 Manitoba is a Colonial Revival Cottage featuring two bay windows on the front and left side, a porch with two square columns, a single centered dormer, and narrow clapboard cladding.


Heritage Vancouver Permits Database, VPL British Columbia City Directories 1860-1955


2916 Manitoba St


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