2982 W 3rd Ave


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2982 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC






C: Contextual or Character


Built in 1912 by L.D. Chesman, this house is unique as it incorporates the shape and design of a Vancouver Craftsman, but with the larger front porch and heavy stone and wood porch piers of a traditional Craftsman. The house has open rafter tails, brackets supporting the roof and dentil molding as a decorative feature along the front. The exterior is well preserved but the lot has changed since it was built. After 1945, a portion of the back yard was sold to a neighbour for parking, making the back of the lot half its original width. Initially a rental property, which changed occupants frequently, the house became the home of Mr. Samuel M. James and his wife from 1922 to 1939. Mr. James was a salesman. In 1940 William Marshall and his wife Cathleen moved in and spent their retirement years in the home. They lived there until at least 1954.


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2982 W 3rd Ave


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