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3050 Ontario St

Photo Credit: Gina Gverster


3050 Ontario St, Vancouver BC


Mount Pleasant






3050 Ontario Street, currently named “The Santorini” was converted into a townhouse in 1992, with three units at three levels each. The large house was first listed in 1911 as having two owners: John Wilson, a retiree who resided in the home until 1919 and Vernon Llewellyn Denton, a teacher from New Brunswick who also resided at 3048 Ontario.

Vernon Llewellyn Denton was born in Shediac, New Brunswick on April 25 1881. He arrived in Vancouver in 1908, married Jane Elizabeth in 1910 and became a school inspector until 1914. He subsequently moved to Victoria in 1917 where he taught history and geography. In later years, he became principal of the Provincial Normal School in Victoria from 1932 until his sudden death in 1944.

Over the years the site had multiple owners including a CPR worker, a gardener, and a steward at the social club BCER. The most recent owner listed in 1955 was a retiree named Y T Chin.

The house is Gabled Vernacular style and is identical to its neighbour, 3048 Ontario Street. The three-storey square building features an off-centre gable window, off-centre porch with spindle trim above, a hipped roof, shiplap cladding, and leaded glass windows.


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