326 W Cordova St


Photo Credit: Jarmila Storkova
Photo Credit: Jarmila Storkova


326 W Cordova St, Vancouver BC





Protection & Recognition

  • M: Municipal Protection


O: Other


326 W Cordova St. is a two-storey office building. Construction on this building began in 1905 and in 1922, the building was owned by Norris Safe & Lock Co. In the 1930s it was occupied by Ormonds Ltd. as well as Carson Hugh Co. Ltd. In the 1940s it was occupied by the National Club.

This site is listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register due to municipal heritage protections related to the Gastown Historic Area. The Gastown Historic Area is presently referred to as HA-2 in the City’s zoning bylaws.  Buildings in this area are subject to additional regulations even if they are not on the Vancouver Heritage Register. Some sites in the area are listed on the Register as protected but have no A, B or C classification. This is usually because the Province originally protected these sites as part of the creation of the Historic Area and this category of protection remains even as the City’s system of heritage classification has evolved. These designated sites in Gastown are represented on the Heritage Site Finder with an “O.”


VanMap, Heritage Vancouver Building Permits Database


326 W Cordova St


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