Horace Barber House


Photo Credit: Robert Henrickson
Photo Credit: Robert Henrickson


3846 W 10th Ave, Vancouver BC


West Point Grey



Protection & Recognition

  • M: Municipal Protection


A: Primary Significance


3846 W 10th Avenue, called the Horace Barber House, was built in 1936. It was designed by Ross Lort for civil engineer Horace G. Barber and Eliza Barber. A modernist style home, with flat concrete walls, hard edges and Art Moderne elements, it is a unique residence in terms of Vancouver house styles. It was designed at the end of the Art Deco era and foreshadowed the clean-lines of the Mid-Century Modern movement.

In 1990, the house was preserved with interior updates, and a compatible infill house added. The house received a City of Vancouver Heritage Award in 1991.


Horace Barber House


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