Howard and Idella Campbell Residence


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395 W 13th Ave, Vancouver BC


Mount Pleasant



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In 1909, two houses were built by Isabella Campbell for her children, Annie and Howard, and Howard’s wife Idella. The house at 395 West 13th Avenue was occupied by Howard and Idella. Both the Howard and Idella Campbell Residence and the Annie Campbell Residence are located at the north-east corner of the intersection of Yukon Street and West 13th Avenue, and remained in the Campbell family until the 1990s.

The Annie Campbell and Howard and Idella Campbell Residences were, respectively, designed by M.C. Griffith and P. Ternan. The houses resemble the Edwardian era Foursquare Style, characterized by their symmetrical design and the division of the houses into four main rooms separated by a central stair.
The Howard and Idella Campbell Residence still has many original features: a large front veranda with wood columns, the front door assembly, the pyramidal roof, and some original windows.

Contrary to what is more common in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, the Annie Campbell and Howard and Idella Campbell Residences originally faced the flanking Yukon Street (2850 Yukon Street), and not 13th Avenue. They have since been re-positioned to face 13th Avenue.

The Mount Pleasant neighbourhood was named after the Irish birthplace of H.V. Edmonds’ wife. He was the original owner of much of Mount Pleasant. Most streets in Mount Pleasant were named after Edmonds’ relatives, the Canadian provinces, or the neighbourhood inhabitants’ backgrounds. The neighbourhood still has many significant homes and other buildings dating from the 1890s to 1920s, including the Heritage Hall (Postal Station C).


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Howard and Idella Campbell Residence


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