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Sinclair Centre - Former Post Office

Photo Credit: Bob Hare


757 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC

Alternate Address

715 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC












This building is the oldest of the four and is described as having an Edwardian Baroque style, combining English and French architectural influences. Construction began in 1905 and it was completed by 1910. Located at the corner of Granville and Hastings Streets, this building was designed by Public Works’ Chief Architect David Ewart. In 1958 it became Postal Station ‘A’ due to the construction of the main Post Office at 349 West Georgia. Postal Station ‘A’ moved back in the Spring of 1986.

The building is easily identifiable by the 43m (141 ft) clock tower. The historic atrium clock was built in 1909 by John Smith & Sons and is the largest clock movement in Western Canada. The four, 12-foot diameter clocks were restored in 1986.

Diverse events have happened here from a month-long “sit down” strike by unemployed workers who demanded Federal relief in 1938 to a Royal Visit the following year.

It was restored by Public Works Canada with consulting architects by Russell Buckwell & Partners and Henriquez & Partners in 1982-86 as part of Sinclair Centre. Sinclair Centre is an upscale shopping mall located in Downtown Vancouver between Granville and Howe.

The centre is comprised of four buildings that were restored by Henriquez Partners Architects and joined together by a glass atrium roof in 1986, at a cost of $38 million. The complex is named after former Vancouver MP James Sinclair. The Vancouver Post Office, the Winch Building and the Customs Building, together form a historic block which has been restored as the Sinclair Centre.


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