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859 Thurlow St

Photo Credit: Rick Horne


859 Thurlow St, Vancouver BC


West End






The apartment building at the corner of Thurlow and Haro Streets known as Le Guernesy was built in 1912 and designed by architect A. J. Bird for owner Peter Agren. Born and educated in England, Bird designed many apartment buildings in Vancouver and is known for helping to introduce this style of masonry residential building to the city.

Prior to the construction of the apartment building, there was a single-family house on the lot dating from 1896 that was occupied by M. T. Quisley, the assistant chief operator for the Canadian Pacific Railway. After its completion in 1912, the 20-unit apartment building was originally called Victoria Court and later became known as Bush Manor. The building was later renovated to increase the number of apartments to the 34 units that exist today.

The apartment building has notable architectural features, including a coursed stone first storey and basement level with an arched stone entry. Brick infill occupies the façade of the upper storeys broken up by limestone banding at the floor levels, and bay windows. The roof line is then capped with an ornate carved wood cornice.


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